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About Us

Coaches and electric commercial vehicles.
Who are we?

Three generations of experience merged with state-of-the art engineering and a dedicated workshop-team.

AB-JOOST is a Belgian founded and based enterprise. We are proud to use only Belgian workers and use local suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability our customers expect.

With Mercedes-Benz as our partner for fossil fueled vehicles, we can provide modified Sprinter and Atego coaches. All modifications are developped, tested and fabricated in our own workshop.

We recently adopted cutting-edge 3D technologies to visualise projects for our customers. This new design process allows for cost reduction, more reliability and increased efficiency.

AB-JOOST also distributes and modifies the revolutionary full electric Colibus.

Our story
2017Digital revolution and think green

We are revolutionising our chassis design, optimising strength and cutting down production cost. Autobedrijf Joost also invests heavily in green technology by introducing Colibus on the Benelux-market.

2016Additional models

While production continues to increase, additional modals with 22-24 seats (based on Mercedes Sprinter) are added to the products.

2015Atego Schoolbus

The first Atego Euro6 schoolbus is produced and homologated. The schoolbus design by Autobedrijf Joost makes use of the existing tipping-cab with slight adaptations.

20082014Even more workshopspace

The expansion of the facilities continued and the construction of a new workshop, spanning 2500m², was completed. Autobedrijf Joost, now covers over 15000m² of workshop! New spraybooths were installed, accommodating a full-length Mercedes Atego. Mercedes also launches a new Vario with Euro5 engine.

20072008Further expansion

Production of low-floor buses based on the new Mercedes Sprinter model, commissioned by De Lijn. In order to accommodate the production growth, the construction of an additional workshop began. Adding an additional surface area of 6000m² to the existing plant.

2005Mercedes Atego Campusbus

Design and production of an entirely new model based on the Mercedes Atego Campusbus was started.

19992005New production

1999 saw the introduction of the schoolbus in Autobedrijf Joost. The vehicles were based on the Mercedes Vario. This was also the time were production of modified low-floor Mercedes Sprinter buses started. These were commissioned by De Lijn, the largest public transportation company in Belgium. To be able to keep up with the growing business, the Peugeot dealership was closed.

19951999Foundation Autobedrijf Joost

In 1995 Autobedrijf Joost NV was founded and saw Joost Lauwyck as CEO. Father and son continued the growth of company and expanded the working area to 6500m². The newly founded company's main activity was the manufacturing of shopping carts and customising Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat vans. Meanwhile the Peugeot dealership was continued by the family.

19581995The Peugeot Area

Mr.Marcel Lauwyck was a Peugeot-dealer. After a few years he started a small-scale production of shopping trolleys.


Why AB-JOOST is the perfect partner for you.
Discover our range of vehicles...
Mercedes Atego
We convert the trustworthy Atego tipping-cab bus to your needs.
Mercedes Sprinter
The well-know Sprinter van, that will hold up to 22 passengers.
Full-electric Urban transport
Iveco bus
Iveco bus
Why choose Autobedrijf JOOST
  • Our manufacturing facility spans more than 15000m²,
    with potential for further expansion.

  • Were are experts in homologation and certification for the European market, with our own in-house testing facilities.

  • We are ready to procure and install the required e-bus machinery to support any and all required pre- or post-sales maintenance on electric coaches and vans.

  • Our highly trained staff consists of electrical and mechanical engineers, fabrication and test technicians. We work closely with local universities for recruiting talent.

  • We have an extensive knowlegde of the European market and close and longlived relationships with suppliers.


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