Autobedrijf Joost mercedes atego

Starting from chassis-cabine in case of the Atego or a van in case of Sprinter we build our buses upon the needs of our clients.

Taking in account that first of all the bus is primarily build as a schoolbus, we have also foreseen a completely flat floor for wheelchairs.

We use a floorrail and sidewall-fixation, as this is the most rigid solution and easly facilitates the mounting of seats in case of switch over either to wheelchair- or seatconfiguration

Further on we have standard a set of rails over the complete length of the bus (4 surfacerails of Unwin) and up to 10 wheelchairs can be positioned.

For the construction of the bus we implement high-strength steel (domex 700).

We have our own tilting bank to carry out stability- and rollovertests (R66-02).

Our body has been proved: test have been done with and without seats (as seats also represent a reinforcement). We do take are of our disable people!
Our buses are suitable to be used within the stringest conditions and are even suited for military use.

We have an independend heating system: Webasto Thermo S160, in correlation with left- and right-convectors over the complete length of the bus.
The power of 16kW is needed as one needs 600-800 Watt/meter convectorlength. When in doubt, we refer to our supplier and specialist Andries for further technical aspects.

The seats are supplied by Vogelsitze. Type Arondo or Primus, in case of reclining seats.

We come to a lenght of 9m (9090mm +- 1%) for 39+1+1 places. We have a wheelbase of 4820mm for easy turning in narrow streets, so despite the length of 9m the bus remains easy to manoeuvre.

The tipping of the cabine remains a feature, without sacrificing the looks and design of the bus. This tipping-cab provides easy access to the engine and surrouding components. Resulting in cheaper and easier maintenance. Furthermore the spareparts for the cab are stock and this adds up to cheaper maintenance and repairs.

Without extra costs for the client, the polyester washable interior is set as standard for the future. The material is also fire-retardant according to regulation R118.

Repairs on the exterior are facilitated by the use of underskirts in polyester.

A complete low floor trunk at the rear of 1.85m³ or a smaller polyester trunk to add of 0.6m³ is possible.

Airco with or without luggage compartment is possible.

An electrical door in front, just behind the right front wheel facilitates maintenance towards the chemical factory exhaust euro 6.

Two fans are fitted as standard, in case having no airconditioning besides the roofhatch. There is a possibility to have two or no tipping windows.

Radio-CD player is fitted as standard and an automatic gearbox G71-6/9.20-1.0 is used. Airsuspension is stock on the rear.