Autobedrijf Joost Sprinter van

The Sprinter has always been a very popular means of transport for a rather cheap budget.

Moving up to 22+1+1 people is possible.

The lowfloor entree facilitates the access.

Wheel coverings are lowered and a roofhatch is mounted.

Above the gangpad is a middle path in which ledlights , loudspeakers and pushbuttons are mounted.

The belbus has new seats of Vogelsitze –type Primus with handle at the gangpad-side which are homologated for class B.

The floor has also 4 Unwin rails for wheelchairs. An inside Handilift completes the product.

After a couple of years of use the owner can choose to modify the bus from a class A to a class B bus.

It’s possible to add extra seats again and remove the separationtubes, panels and paytable and a guide seat can be fitted toward a full 22+1+1 bus.

This can be done by our means and a new certificate of homologation can be made.